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Our mission is to preserve and protect the character, charm and historic resources of Mission Hills, assuring that development projects harmonize with the established community.

For 100 years, Mission Hills has enjoyed a thriving commercial and residential community. Mission Hills Heritage supports redevelopment that fits the character, style and scale of our neighborhood that is accompanied by needed public facilities and infrastructure. We don't want to lose the charms of our wonderful community to thoughtless development. New development should retain and preserve our historic flavor, community character and historic buildings.

Mission Hills residents have defended our community and defeated poor development proposals in the past. Some examples include stopping Allen Road access from Mission Valley and successfully advocating for a residential height limit after the construction of the 13-story Green Manor project. We don't seek to hinder development, but to help steer it so it adds to the character of the neighborhood for generations to come.


  • Promote the history and charm of Mission Hills
  • Protect the historic character of the neighborhood
  • Preserve the history of Mission Hills and its historic homes


For postal service only • Mission Hills Heritage
325 West Washington Street, Suite 2, #221 • San Diego, CA 92103
Phone: (619) 497-1193 (messages only)
Email: info@MissionHillsHeritage.org


Mission Hills Heritage has scheduled board meetings once a month, every fourth Thursday at 7 pm. Locations vary. Call (619) 497-1193 or email info@MissionHillsHeritage.org. In addition, our annual membership meeting takes place in October on the Saturday closest to October 17th.


For postal service only • Mission Hills Heritage
325 West Washington Street, Suite 2, #221 • San Diego CA 92103
(619) 497-1193 (messages only)
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