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West Lewis & Falcon St Mini-Park

The proposed West Lewis Street Mini Park project is to be located on the canyon rim area from West Lewis at Goldfinch to West Lewis at Falcon.

This project was initially proposed in 2006 and was estimated to cost $280,000. As designs evolved and challenges with the site were found, the price moved to $450,000 and then $630,000, with an unpriced Phase 2 planned. At this time, $450,000 has been allocated by the City, to be paid from the Developer Impact Fund (DIF) for the Uptown Area.

Following a thorough discussion and review of materials related to this proposal, our Board of Directors acknowledged that the residents of the area have spent a great deal of time working to create a public space along this prominent canyon rim that will add to our total community character. Therefore they voted 7-1 to submit a recommendation that the project proceed, but with a spending cap of the already appropriated $450,000, and with modifications to simplify the project. The project requires a Process 3 Site Development Permit, and will go before a Hearing Officer on April 29, 2009 at 8:30 am in the City Council Chambers.

To read our letter to the City of San Diego regarding this project, click HERE (79 kb pdf).


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