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Part of preserving the heritage of Mission Hills is preserving the stories of its past and present long-term residents. The Mission Hills Heritage Oral History Project is focused not only on conserving the memories of its residents and their families but also on gathering information about the houses in which they lived/live, the kinds of community activities in which they were/are involved, and the historic context of life in the larger culture during the time of residence. We are interested in what has changed and what has remained the same. Our oral history project helps create a record of the everyday events that shaped not only Mission Hills but San Diego, California, and the United States. Preserving these stories is essential for a fuller understanding of our community and its traditions, and allows us to pass them on to future generations. Documents, architectural renderings, photographs, newspaper clippings, etc., from the past are appreciated and broaden the historic picture, and we are happy to scan originals of these for our records.

If you would like to be interviewed, have a recommendation of an individual whom you think we should interview, and/or would like to be trained as a volunteer interviewer please contact Jacque Lynn Foltyn, PhD, who heads the Oral History Committee. We are also seeking volunteers willing to assist with transcription of the interviews. Email contact: Oralhistories@MissionHillsHeritage.org.

Submit a nomination for an oral history interviewee HERE.

The oral histories will be posted here and original records will be donated to the San Diego History Center. Special thanks for Celeste Dunn of Tristany Realty for her generous donation and for sponsoring this program in its inaugural year through April 2007. Click here for a nomination form.

The first Oral History is available! Click HERE (34-page pdf, 8.6mp) to read this fascinating interview with our neighbor, World War II Veteran, and distinguished local architect Homer Delawie.


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