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Red Bungalow Update – March 2023

By isaiah | March 28, 2023

Update on the Red Bungalow at 820 Fort Stockton Drive (March 2023)

We write to inform you of an unfortunate, but important, update regarding the status of the Red
Bungalow at 820 Fort Stockton Drive.

Initially, in 2021, the developer/owner sought a preliminary review to determine whether the building
was historically significant and submitted a report concluding that the building was eligible for
designation under multiple criteria. However, in its continued quest to demolish the Red Bungalow, the
developer recently submitted an entirely new historical research report.

This second report, from a different consultant, blatantly ignores, and is completely at odds with, the
first report and concludes that the Red Bungalow is not eligible for historic designation under any
criteria. These circumstances suggest that the developer is “result shopping” with consultants, in hopes
of achieving its goal of demolishing the building.

Furthermore, the developer’s new report places great emphasis on the building’s deteriorated
condition. Last year the developer removed various original materials from the building, including a
portion of balustrade on the Fort Stockton porch and multiple sections of siding, exposing these areas to
the elements, and accelerating the property’s deterioration. To date, the developer has not replaced
any of these materials or otherwise sought to protect the structure.

We absolutely disagree with the developer’s new report and, given the community’s high interest in
saving the Red Bungalow, we have submitted our own detailed comments to city staff. To review our
comments and comments submitted by SOHO, click HERE.

It is very likely that the city’s Historical Resources Board will consider the Red Bungalow for historical
designation in the coming months. We will update our members when we are informed of the hearing
date. It is our hope that this beloved bungalow will be restored and preserved for many generations to


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